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Growers visiting Imtrade Trials

The Imtrader Ed.7 – Looking for trial Volunteers

Be in-the-know when it comes to Imtrade’s upcoming patents. Every year, Imtrade Australia conducts extensive trials all over Australia across a range of formulations to help growers select products that best suit their cropping situations. Imtrade Australia currently has a…

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Chickpeas in field

The Imtrader Ed.7 – Limbo 750 in chickpeas

Controlling weeds in chickpeas can be difficult to manage due to the limited amount post-emergent options for broadleaf weeds; this is why a quality pre-emergent is essential. Imtrade Australia can fill this void with Limbo 750 (Isoxaflutole), which is a reliable post…

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Michael at GRDC conference 2017

The Imtrader Ed.7 – Supporting GRDC Crop Updates Perth

Thank you to everyone who visited us at our stand. Here is a look at how the day went. Imtrade Australia recently sponsored the 2017 GRDC Research Updates in Perth, with Andrew Alexander (National Sales Manager) and Michael Macpherson (National…

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Metakill Snail Bait

The Imtrader Ed.7 – Snail & Slug Bait Comparison

Did you know? Snails will not seek out your baits, and only consume them if they come into contact with them. As we head into the wet season, snails and slugs begin to become a problem for growers nation-wide, which…

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Para-Trooper Herbicide

The Imtrader Ed.7 – Para-Trooper Label Update

APVMA Approves Para-Trooper Breakthrough Extensive trial work has been conducted with Imtrade Para-Trooper since its initial release and has proven to have superior weed control properties compared with similar products. Herbicide resistance has always been on the mind of farmers…

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