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The Imtrader Ed.8 – AgChem Access Priorities

Imtrade Australia attended the AgChem Access Priorities Forum at the Federal Golf Club in Canberra on 10 and 11 July as facilitated by Growcom and managed by the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation. The conference centred on chemical registrants…

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DeadMouse Zinc Phosphide Bait

The Imtrader Ed.8 – On farm Grain Storage

With high volumes of on farm grain storage last season, and even with the estimated reduction in yield this year due to a record dry start to winter in many areas it is widely expected that grain growers will again…

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Growers with John Barbetti

The Imtrader Ed.8 – Reflection from Summer Trials

2016’s abundance of late spring rain set an ideal base for some very well fuelled summer weeds. One of the most prolific being Lincoln weed (Diplotaxus tenuifolia) which is wide spread across much of South Australia’s upper Eyre Peninsular, York…

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Macadamia nut close

The Imtrader Ed.8 – Stigasis Weevil

The Australian Macadamia Nut (as reported by MPC) is on track for its biggest year to date in terms harvested nuts and revenue with around 52000 tonnes of nuts expected at a record $5.20/kg.  With this in mind pest management…

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The Imtrader Ed.8 – Haloxyfop still Reliable

New formulation brings life to old by reliable grass weed control for many summer and winter cropping situations. Australian farms for many years and is still proving to be a very reliable form of grass weed control. In recent times haloxyfop…

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