Confidence In Quality

Quality Management:

Imtrade CropScience works to the Total Quality Management edict, namely:

“Do the right things right, first time, every time”

Imtrade CropScience will seek to produce products and services that meets the needs of its customers in an efficient, sustainable manner, on all occasions. We will seek to identify products and services that are of quality and in demand and specify the parameters in which these products and services are bound to guarantee quality, ensuring a cost effective means of production and delivery for our customers.


Imtrade CropScience maintains documentation to APVMA standards for all marketed product, including that relating directly to the active ingredient contained therein. Retained samples are kept to provide a reference point for future customer inquiries.

Documenting Quality Standards:

We believe in having a clear, written guidelines and references is part of assuring and managing quality. Our laboratory has been recognised as upholding the OECD principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) by NATA Australia (National Association of Testing and Authorities) last 2011 and they strictly require documentation of all methods and operations along with formulation procedure and details for all our products.

Staff Training:

Quality belongs to everyone and it is our duty to maintain it. Responsibility for quality is shared evenly by everybody in each area of the business. As part of Imtrade’s Quality Management Program, we ensure that all staff are trained in relevant quality standards and applicable procedures. Regular formal assessments are conducted to verify their understanding of these requirements to review staff competence for these various tasks.


We rely on a strong teamwork within the business to produce quality products and services. Personnel are encouraged to seek direction from supervisor and management whenever unsure of a task. We encourage personnel to critique the work of others in the team such that standards are continuously improved and lifted.