What they’re saying:
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“After using Jett Duo in our Durum wheat production I have been very pleased with the level of weed control of both Ryegrass and Wild Oats. I am also very confident in the level of crop safety with Jetti Duo and look forward to the products registration for future use across the farm.”
Alwyn Dyer, Kaniva Victoria.

“In 2013 we were able to trial Imtrade’s Jetti Duo per-emergent Herbicide in a Durum
Wheat crop. We knew we faced an ongoing ryegrass population in this particular paddock and Jetti really performed well. The crop got away to a great start and we were really happy with the grass weed control of both Rye and Wild Oats.”
Peter & Jonathon Hicks
Hannaton Partnership, Kaniva Victoria.

“With 2016 being one of our most productive seasons in recent history, the pressure on fungicide performance has been extremely high. Imtrade Nosclex 800 wg has proven to be a smart choice for both lentils and beans, the products high loading allowed for efficient and effective use at a competitive price in the paddock. The robust procymidone chemistry of Nosclex has provided excellent botrytis control and has certainly found a place in our future legume programs.”
Brett Douglass
Manager, Driscoll Ag. St Arnaud VIC

“Managing herbicide use across our property is a really important part of our farming future. I have been very impressed with Jetti Duo and what we have been able to achieve in Rye Grass and Wild Oat control this year from the group DJ combination chemistry. Jetti’s premix and convenient rate was simple and easy to use, it certainly helped us keep machinery moving at seeding which a period in our production when timing is everything. We were also really confident in Jetti Duo knowing it was a quality Australian owned and formulated product”
Peter Burge
Grain Grower, North Central Victoria.

“2016 saw a great deal of disease pressure on our lentil crops. Imtrade Nosclex 800 WG gave growers a premium level of protection in an easy to use cost and effective format. I really see a continued fit for the product in our future legume production.”
Heath Ward, Agronomist
A W Vater & Co. Saddleworth SA

“This past season I purchased Imtrade Nosclex 800WG and have had nothing but positive comments to say about the product. Being a high loaded granular product there is always some concerns about solubility and dispersion issues but this product exceeded expectations on both fronts, I also found that the 5kg pack was an ideal pack size for my growers.
I will certainly be stocking this product in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending it to prospective users or resellers.”
Richard Johnson, Merchandise Manager
Sunshine Rural & Hardware, Roma QLD

“I recently supplied my growers with two of Imtrade Australia’s high loaded granular fungicides, these being Connect 800WG and Nosclex 800WG. Both products performed very well on farm in regards to their solubility, disease control and competitive pricing. I will certainly be supplying these products to my growers in the future.”
Greg Nicol, Manager/Owner
Total Ag Services, Dirranbandi QLD

“Good to know we now have a granular alternative that provides storage benefits over existing options with our variable seasons.”
Boyd Carter – Turbulence

“This year I tried Imtrade CropScience’s TURBULENCE 800WG having used 430g/L SC teb in the past to prevent yellow spot, Septoria blotches and leaf rusts. I sprayed a 50ha paddock of Mace wheat and was very happy with the both the crop safety and results. The new granular formulation is easy to handle, mixes into solution with ease and the stability of the granular formulation allows me to store on-farm without the concern of the active settling out like the traditional SC formulation. I also like the packaging of the product, being supplied in a 10kg box allows me to easily dispose of the packaging without adding to my empty drum pile. The high loading active means a 10kg box covers 64 hectares of wheat at the top label rate compared to the old SC formulation which would only cover 34 ha/10L, the Hi-Load formulation requires less time for filling so allows more time for spraying. IMTRADE TURBULENCE 800 WG is a great fit for my spray program, and will have a place in my shed for next season.”
Tony White @FarmerTonyWhite