The Imtrader – Competition is Healthy

Imtrade Australia’s Tyranex 500 Insecticide goes head to head with Nufarm’s Lepidex 500 Insecticide and finally provides Australian growers and resellers with an alternative in the Trichlorfon market.

Imtrade Australia is pleased to announce the registration of a new 1st generation generic product IMTRADE TYRANEX. TYRANEX is a robust and reliable chemistry for controlling hard-to-kill soil-borne and fruit fly insect larvae in a variety of cropping situations. The major use for TYRANEX is for controlling fruit-spotting bug in macadamia and avocado tree-crops, with a growing usage pattern targeting fruit-fly. With the development of TYRANEX, Imtrade Australia continues its commitment to offering Australian primary producers quality generic products at affordable prices.

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