The Imtrader Ed.4 – Dr Peter Boutsalis visits NSW with Imtrade

Visiting expert in herbicide resistance Dr Peter Boutsalis from Adelaide University and Plant Science Consulting joined us to share his wealth of knowledge on weed control at a number of Imtrade Jetti Duo launch events throughout NSW in April.

Dr Boutsalis gave an insightful presentation covering a number of herbicide resistance findings resulting from his work with the GRDC. Growers and resellers from Thompsons Rural and AGnVET Services along with merchandise and agronomy staff from Elders and Terra AG had an opportunity to quiz Dr Boutsalis on current best practices in weed control and learn more about Imtrade Australia’s integrated approach to managing ryegrass herbicide resistance.

The take home message – act now!

The take home message for growers and resellers alike is herbicide resistance is a real and growing problem in NSW, requiring action now.  An integrated approach to ryegrass control is paramount to extending the life of existing chemistries such as trifluralin, and minimising yield penalties.

Using effective pre-sowing knockdown and pre-emergent herbicides vastly reduces in-crop pressure and reduces reliance on post-emergent herbicides that are most vulnerable to resistance.

Dr Boutsalis advocated the use of double-knock pre-seeding strategies and the use of alternating modes of action with pre-emergent herbicides as a whole systems approach to prevent resistance development.

Dr Boutsalis identified plant resistance testing as a vital tool for managing resistant Ryegrass populations, providing invaluable insights into how resistance test results can influence product choice. Dr Peter Boutsalis and his team at Plant Science Consulting provides herbicide resistant testing services, for more information visit their website.

Our recent collaboration with Adelaide University and Plant Science Consulting is just one of many professional partnerships extending the science behind our product development. We would like to thank Dr Boutsalis for his time with Imtrade Australia; assisting us with our herbicide resistance research and development.

For more information on Imtrade Australia’s pre-emergent herbicide range, including Imtrade Jetti Duo click here.

Pic 1. Dr Peter Boutsalis presenting at The Railway Hotel Bribbaree hosted by AGnVET Services