The Imtrader Ed.9 – Edge 900wg a Standout in Lentils

With the registration pending for Imtrade’s Edge 900wg use in a range of legume crops, the company has hosted a number of demonstration trial days across South Australia and Victoria. Once registered, Edge 900 will offer growers the combination of propyzamide’s highly effective rye grass control combined with a high level of crop safety when used in an IBS cropping system. All the trial sites this 2017 season were subjected to very dry seeding conditions with limited rain in the May-June period. Due to Edge 900’s excellent stability the product had minimal to no loss of efficacy and had shown excellent weed control across all locations. At both the proposed minimum and maximum rates depending on weed seed burden level Edge 900 outperformed all other displayed options.

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It was also noted at the maximum usage rate of 1kg per hectare across many of the trial sites, lentil plantings had shown no visible loss of critical bio-mass in comparison to the trial controls. As many growers would appreciate the fact that gaining early crop vigour in lentils is critically important in setting up a crop to achieve its maximum yield potential.
It is hoped that the new label extensions will be accessible to growers in season 2018. Imtrade will actively pass on details to resellers, growers and consultants alike as soon as the extensions become available following APVMA approval. John Barbetti from Imtrade has stated “It has been very encouraging to see such excellent numbers of growers at each of the trial days held so far this year.

There has been a great deal of general interest in all of the developing grass control products. Herbicide resistance of group A products such as Clethodim is dominating so much of the conversation at grower events in the Southern States, so what we are working with in the Edge 900 label extension has real prospect of adding some extra tools to lessen the load placed on in in crop grass control”.

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