Emergency Use Permit for the use of Pirimicarb issued.

The following Emergency Use Permit (EUP) for the use of Pirimicarb for the control of aphids in winter pulse crops (faba bean, chickpea, lentil and field pea) has been issued by the APVMA.

The full permit can be found at:


Key Details

Permit Number:                PER81742

In force from:                    18th Sept 2015 to 31 Oct 2015

Products containing:       500g/kg or 800 g/kg Pirimicarb as their only active constituent

Use Rate:                            250 – 300 g/ha depending upon formulation strength

Withholding periods:       21 days to harvest; 21 days for grazing or cutting for stockfeed


Please refer to the permit at the above link for full permit details.


Note:    Only use registered products (or products under permits), the use of unregistered products may results in unacceptable residues, placing the marketing of our grains at risk. Ensure that all Withholding Periods are followed for harvest and grazing.