Get the Drop with Imtrade Pro 700 Adjuvant

Imtrade Pro 700 Surfactant is a tried and true means of droplet size control and tank mix buffering.

It helps you get the best out of your other agricultural chemicals by preventing degradation of active ingredients subject to alkaline hydrolysis and by delivering them to target surfaces in peak condition by controlling particle size and reducing losses to drift.

Imtrade acknowledges the presence of many participants in the market offering products based on propionic acid and soyal phospholipids – there are some 50 registrants in the market at current count, but not all product is the same.

So what makes our product different?
Firstly, we do not simply buy the cheapest offering from overseas and badge it as our own. Instead we make it ourselves in our Kwinana Beach manufacturing facility to the south of Perth in Western Australia as we have been doing for close to ten years. This product is blended by chemists under a strict quality control management regime with final clearance issued once all is in order as judged in our well appointed and professionally staffed laboratory. We don’t simply trade the commodities of others – to us this isn’t a pump and dump exercise.

Another difference is the source of our active ingredients. Imtrade Pro 700 Surfactant uses quality food grade ingredients such as US-manufactured ADM Yelkin SS soya lecithin and Eastman’s propionic acid. We do this because our experience is that these constituents give the best product – one that is homogeneous, one that is consistent batch to batch and one that delivers the promised outcome in the field.

To share in our investment in quality processes and materials, please contact us on the details below.