Imtrade Ed.11 – Commitment to Durum Industry

Imtrade has again continued its support this year as a major sponsor to the South Australian Durum Growers Association (SADGA). Imtrade’s VIC / SA State manager John Barbetti has reported that the company remains committed to supporting the research, development and expansion of the Southern Australian Durum Wheat Industry and that the SADGA is making excellent progress in the development of improved crop varieties. This is evident with the 2016 release of DBD-Aurora which has excellent vigour and reliable yield, quickly becoming a favourite among growers. In the growing season of 2018, Imtrade will again be complementing sponsorship with the supply of Jetti Duo and several other products to assist in the safe establishment of the groups trial investment. Further to the efforts within the group, 2018 will see Imtrade personally invest in a number of intensive replicated trials conducted on the more sensitive crop at an internal level.

Sebastian at SADGA
Sebastian discussing Imtrade with Durum wheat Growers

These investments will directly provide a much greater and more comprehensive understanding of the levels of safety in relation to a number of existing and soon to be released pre-emergent formulations. As many growers will have already experienced when dealing with Durum Wheat, a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure crop establishment is not hindered by inappropriate use of a number of commonly used pre-emergent herbicides.

The Durum Wheat trials will make up part of the much anticipated extensive research efforts that will be undertaken across Victoria and South Australia in season 2018. Other investments the company is making that hold a great deal of grower interest include:

  • An intensive investigation into pre-emergent and Disc-Seeder technology. Including several sites across the upper York’s and lower Eyre Peninsular.
  • Larger scale Legume and Canola herbicide tolerance trials, featuring a number of existing herbicides combined with several soon to be released formulations.
  • Wider scale snail and slug baiting trials intended to be made available for public inspection across SA and VIC.

For more information on any of the items or future trial inspection times contact Imtrade Australia.