The Imtrader Ed.10 – Agricultural Future in Australia

As highlighted in the below article that explores some key factors in the future of farming, whilst a couple of years old, it is still relevant to today’s market.

Farming is becoming more transparent and we must keep our eyes on the prize.

Tractor Harvesting wheat

The future of Australian Agriculture for the next 20 years will not only be challenging but also rewarding to the Industries and Growers who adapt to change and move with the markets.

Imtrade Australia is perfectly placed to help growers and retailers capitalize on these points.

  1. Imtrades Long term commitment to R and D bringing innovative new products, formulations and thinking to the Agricultural market place.
  2. Imtrade is seizing the challenge to offer products that are more effective, competitive and help to increase yields and margins.
  3. Using our onsite GLP accredited laboratory to make sure that all Imtrade products meet our strict quality guidelines and give confidence to growers. Particularly important in our Export markets where quality and MRLs are so important.
  4. Traceability from Farm to Plate is the catchcry. Make sure you are using high quality tested products on your crops- transparency is King.