The Imtrader Ed.10 – Jetti Duo Label Extension

Following the successful completion of co-funded research trials between Imtrade Australia and the GRDC (resulting from the Assisted Grants Access to Industry Priority Uses of Agvet Chemicals programme), we’re pleased to announce approval from the APVMA for a label extension for one of our flagship products, Jetti Duo. Jetti Duo Technical Bulletin1The extension means that Jetti Duo can now be used in Chickpeas, Lupins, Peas and Canola.


This extension was the result of considerable trial work and we would like to thank the GRDC for their assistance in this breakthrough and look forward to future partnerships that will result in new solutions for Australia growers.

Control ryegrass this season with Jetti Duo
Imtrade Jetti Duo is a unique pre-emergent herbicide blend that combines two complimentary modes of action for maximum effect on multiple targets, Jetti’s robust control of annual ryegrass, wild oats and wireweed will leave growers confident in their choice of chemical knowing it has been tested for quality in Imtrade’s state of the art lab. When used as directed, Imtrade Jetti Duo can be tank-mixed with residual herbicides and insecticides to provide multiple control options from one tank pre-seeding, saving grower’s time and ultimately money