The Imtrader Ed.8 – On farm Grain Storage

With high volumes of on farm grain storage last season, and even with the estimated reduction in yield this year due to a record dry start to winter in many areas it is widely expected that grain growers will again opt to store high volumes of grain on farm.

Wheat price increases due to shortages from the US and reductions in yield forecasts domestically will also have an interesting impact on the decisions by farmers to ‘store or not to store’.

Either way, farmers will need to make sure that their storage systems are practical, in good order, and safely protected from Vermin. Especially considering the high mouse numbers experienced in many regions already this season.

Make sure storage areas are well prepared to minimise Vermin and insect attack.

Whether its Silo bags/or Silos small or large Imtrade has products to help protect your investment.

Dead mouse (Zinc Phosphide) DeadMouse Zinc Phosphide Bait

Fostoxin Tablets (Aluminium Phosphide)

Imtade Diplomat grain protectant (Chlorpyrifos Methyl)