The Imtrader Ed.8 – Haloxyfop still Reliable

New formulation brings life to old by reliable grass weed control for many summer and winter cropping situations. Australian farms for many years and is still proving to be a very reliable form of grass weed control.

Haloxyfop Conversation Rates

In recent times haloxyfop products have been used with satisfactory results in the suppression of feather top Rhodes grass in fallow situations, and with this weed fast becoming the number one problem weed for farmers in Queensland and NSW any positive control is a plus.

Imtrade Australia have changed the game with the development of their innovative high load Haloxyfop 900EC product. Not only does it mean you use less product to achieve the same results but there is also less hydrocarbons used to formulate this product than that of the original 520ga products that are on the market making it much more environmentally friendly.