The Imtrader Ed.9 – Supporting Students Program

This year, we at Imtrade Australia have continued our involvement with University of Queensland, offering work experience placements to Diploma of Agriculture students based at Muresk Institute in Northam.
From 24 to 28 July, we hosted Andrea Haigh at our Kwinana Beach facility, with Patrick Italiano joining us from 21 to 25 August.

Both Andrea and Patrick were exposed to all facets of the business though heavy emphasis was placed on the technical functions – laboratory (analysis to support quality assurance and quality control, product development and pesticide registration activities) and agronomy (field and greenhouse testing, research and marketing and administrative support). As part of the students’ programs, projects were conducted to research, gain basic practical competency in and document jar-testing procedures (Andrea) and standard agricultural chemical mixing practices (Patrick).

Understanding of practicalities of the combination of different agricultural chemicals, particularly different chemical categories/formats, is a valuable tool in the armoury of agronomists, chemists and agricultural chemical technical support staff. Unfortunately it often suffers from poor translation to full-scale field settings.

With the assistance of technical personnel, referenced guidance notes were drafted elaborating upon jar-testing and chemical combination generally including backgrounding and limitations. This will shortly be added as a web resource to

We thank Andrea and Patrick for immersing themselves in our operations and wish them well in the rest of their studies and trust that we have added some practical perspective to their education. We look forward to further mutually beneficial involvement with Andrea and Patrick, Muresk Institute and the University of Queensland and its agriculture program.

Students in Imtrade lab