The Imtrader Ed.10 – Storm Damage in QLD

In November 2017 following the reported devastating storm around Bundaberg Queensland, I visited key growing regions to investigate the crop damage.  Imtrade had been working closely with the macadamia and avocado industry in the area in providing alternative product registrations and already have a range of registered products specifically targeted at this market that can be viewed here and most recently, have been working with the DPI in Queensland in investigating new control options in treating the stigastis weevil in macadamias, an insect which continues to cause major yield problems for growers. Macadamia nut close

When arriving at Bundaberg, what I found was that a number of crops including capsicum, tomato and macadamia nut had been affected by the intense storm that rushed through the area. The good news was the damage was mainly isolated to the north Bundaberg area in a narrow corridor but the damage was severe with numerous macadamia nut trees uprooted or snapped off at the base. The capsicum, tomato and other small crops that were in the storm’s path were totally decimated and many thousands of dollars in yield lost. This storm was part two of what has been a very difficult time for Bundaberg growers in recent times having to deal with flash flooding only weeks prior to this severe storm, if anything the flooding event caused much more wide spread damage than the storm did with millions of dollars of crop damage and loss.

More information on the storm can be read here