The Imtrader Ed.2 – EDGE continues to deliver


Imtrade Australia is 100% Australian owned & operated and continues to service Australian Farmers through innovation and value.

Imtrade Australia continues to cut the otherwise bloated profits flowing off-shore to multi-national companies, increasing value for the end-user through its range of higher purity, higher concentration & reduced-footprint formulations. Recent value-adding products include; Tyranex (Trichlorfon), Turbulence 800 WG (Tebuconazole), Octopus 800 WG (Epoxiconazole), Haloxyfop 900 EC (Haloxyfop), Bifenthrin 300 EC, Bifenthrin 400 EC and exciting proprietary blends including Para-Trooper & Jetti Duo.

Imtrade Edge 900WG  is a great example of where scale of volume and formulation innovation have allowed Imtrade to deliver increased value. This trend is demonstrated by the graph showing the equivalent sale price of the propyzamide active ingredient falling since Imtrade’s initial product registration.


About IMTRADE EDGE – Now registered for use in Canola!

Imtrade EDGE Herbicide was first introduced to the Australian marketplace in 2006. In so doing, Imtrade Australia instituted greater economy and availability to end-users across the nation for a highly useful herbicidal active ingredient.

Today, while we still market the suspension concentrate in small amounts to ‘rusted-on’ users and can provide wettable powder on bulk advance order, the majority of our business in propyzamide lies with Imtrade EDGE 900 WG Herbicide. Our experience in propyzamide has established the granular formulation as the preferred format, offering excellent long term stability, ease of handling & confidence in storage.

Imtrade EDGE 900 WG Herbicide is a high purity formulation, with the active ingredient constituting 90% of the product. There is no requirement for humectants (often hydrocarbons), preservatives, stabilisers or other excipients often employed in suspension concentrates. Additionally, bulking agents and fillers are almost entirely avoided.

The product quality of our Imtrade EDGE 900 WG Herbicide extends well beyond its physical performance and endurance. This product is registered for use in canola crops by the APVMA, having gained clearance in April 2015 after a lengthy assessment process and significant investment by Imtrade Australia. This process involved the assessment of measurable residues following the application of Imtrade EDGE 900 to commercial canola crops, and were found to be well within the allowable MRL levels for this active ingredient. No other product in the marketplace can make this claim.

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