The Imtrader Ed.4 – Cracker Jack 750EC to Provide Protection Against Fungi

Imtrade Cracker Jack 750EC fungicide will provide broadacre cereal crops with preventative and remedial protection against a range of harmful fungi; using propiconazole, a well-established fungicidal agent.

Imtrade Australia has a long-standing product development history with propiconazole, stemming back to 2006, with key improvements to date including:

  • Reduction of environmental footprint by 50% to employ only half the amount of hydrocarbon per volume in the final product
  • Better long term stability with no gel forming over time
Imt Cracker Jack 750 EC

Today in line with Imtrade’s company development as an agricultural chemical innovator, Imtrade Australia present propiconazole in it’s most environmentally friendly, economic, and robust format yet.

Thanks to a new pairing of emulsifiers the emulsion character upon dilution is judged as excellent and easily exceeding the mandated regulatory baseline. Additionally, cold temperature stability is better than ever before, sustainable well beyond 2 weeks at 0°C. Compared to the first propiconazole EC our latest product displays the same reliable fungicidal performance on an active to active basis returned against a background of 1/3rd of the packaging/transport and handling costs and 1/8th of the accompanying petroleum hydrocarbon component of the first generation representation.