The Imtrader Ed.6 – Summer & Pre-seeding Knockdown

Imtrade Australia recently conducted extensive field trials on Para-Trooper, publishing the results in the ‘Imtrade Para-Trooper Technical Booklet’. The release of the publication has accelerated growth and demand across the country with new product in full swing to keep up. The aim of the Para-Trooper trials was to compare and quantify the performance of Para-Trooper against other traditional Bipyridyl herbicides currently available in the market. Additionally, the efficacy of Imtrade Para-Trooper when applied at 75% of Paraquat 250 rates was investigated.

Para-Trooper applied at 75% of Paraquat 250 rates consistently provided equivalent or better control on all weeds tested across this trial series.

Due to high demand resulting from this publication, Imtrade has been in a sold-out position on Para-Trooper early into the New Year. Fortunately, we have been able to secure significant volumes of additional technical material, ensuring stock availability for the upcoming broadacre season. In order to secure sufficient volume for your requirements, we would urge our customers to contact the office and discuss your Para-Trooper requirements early to guarantee supply.

Key benefits of Para-Trooper

  • New formulation providing better burndown control
  • Non-residual herbicide effective on a broad range of key weeds
  • Customised surfactant package
  • Safer to handle – less mixing required
  • Quality product backed by Imtrade
  • Australia’s quality assurance lab

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