The Imtrader Ed.7 – New Features on Website

Noticed some changes with Imtrade recently? Last month we launched our new website, complete with ‘pest search’ feature – give it a try now!

Last month, Imtrade proudly launched its new website with new capabilities and functionality with the intention to help growers find what they are looking for faster. These changes came about as a direct result of feedback from growers and resellers like you with different ideas about how the website should list its information.

Thank you to everyone for providing feedback, and we hope you will continue to grow with us.

Speed: One of the biggest problems in rural areas is the speed of the internet available with large amount of growers still struggling to get online due to the poor infrastructure in their area.

In an attempt to combat this, we have created a website that is as slim as possible. This means we have used less pictures, shorter code, and made some information accessible using a ‘click to download’ option so you are not waiting for information unrelated to your search to load.

Product Search function: On Imtrade’s previous website, we included a search function that allowed you to search for the product active or product name.
This function remains on the new website, but has now become more reliable and easier to use. We have also added some new Imtrade formulations into the database that have been registered in new crop. For example Edge 900 (high loading granular propyzamide) is now registered for use in canola!

Newsletter: Due to popular demand, we have opened access to our weekly newsletters and you can now sign up for them on the website. We have included the option to nominate if you are a ‘reseller,’ ‘grower’ or ‘agronomist’ to ensure you are provided information that is relevant to you.

Access to product labels will still be available on the website, but will now be listed more clearly for faster access. You will also be able to download the label without clicking on the individual product page, meaning you will not have to wait for an additional page to load to access this information.