The Imtrader Ed.7 – Para-Trooper Label Update

APVMA Approves Para-Trooper Breakthrough

Extensive trial work has been conducted with Imtrade Para-Trooper since its initial release and has proven to have superior weed control properties compared with similar products.

Herbicide resistance has always been on the mind of farmers with its ability to force growers to use a more expensive mode of action or an inferior formulation with increased risks.

Recently, the APVMA granted a label amendment registration for a reduction in the application rates of Para-Trooper based on extensive series of trial work. This recognition reinforces the claim that Imtrade Para-Trooper is a genuine, robust alternative to glyphosate for broad spectrum knockdown weed control. Para-Trooper Herbicide

Brett Douglass from Western Victoria said “We are constantly concerned about the spread of group A and B herbicide resistance and, consequently we are equally focused on prolonging the use of Glyphosate. A product such as Para-trooper is a critically important rotational tool for effectively reducing weed numbers. The benefit of Para-trooper is its ability to control large, hard to kill weeds quickly and economically”.

The original registration for Para-trooper was identical to most paraquat 250 formulations; however the APVMA has recognised the significant improvement in efficacy that the patented formulation has demonstrated, registering a 25% reduction in rates across all use categories.

Additionally, the use of Para-Trooper in Fallow for the control of Flaxleaf Fleabane has been approved. The APVMA has registered a use rate of 2-2.4 L/ha as a single pass control option for this significant summer weed in all states.

Imtrade dedicated much time and energy into creating a formulation that was specific for Australian conditions and could tackle the issue of herbicide resistance head on.
At a glance, Para-Trooper appears easily replicable by mixing together paraquat and amitrole on farm, however the results may not reflect that of Para-Trooper and may risk the development of herbicide resistance to a valuable mode of action.

Amitrole, when used as a stand-alone pesticide, is commonly co-formulated with ammonium thiocyanate to enable the amitrole content to affect better herbicidal action. In Imtrade Para-Trooper, amitrole is not employed for its individual herbicidal effect, but rather as a metabolic inhibitor prolonging paraquat ion oxidation.

While thiocyanate salts in solution are relatively stable, they may be manufactured via the reaction of the highly hazardous cyanide and sulfur or sulfur compounds; or alternatively via the highly hazardous carbon disulphide and ammonia gases. By excluding the use of thiocyanates, Imtrade has eliminated these hazardous precursors from the supply chain.

Imtrade Para-Trooper has proven itself as a superior herbicide to standard paraquat products. The unique patented formulation of Para-trooper provides an alternative mode of action to glyphosate, providing equivalent efficacy to standard paraquat formulations at a reduced rate, saving growers time and money.