The Imtrader Ed.7 – Snail & Slug Bait Comparison

Did you know? Snails will not seek out your baits, and only consume them if they come into contact with them.
As we head into the wet season, snails and slugs begin to become a problem for growers nation-wide, which means you are most likely preparing to lay some snail baits.

Snail and slug damage is often under estimated as it occurs mainly at night and quickly affects crop yield, right from when the plant is first emerging.

But how does your bait stack up? Do you have to lay baits multiple times in the season?Metakill Snail Bait
Growers should be using a high concentration bait of consistent size that is rainfast so it doesn’t need to be reapplied.

It can be tempting to buy the cheapest bait possible, but when it is having to be reapplied multiple times, you are not only wasting time, but the cost of multiple spreads can total higher than a premium brand.

Imtrade Metakill is specially formulated to be weather resistant, proving maximum effectiveness for longer periods.
Key Features of Metakill:
• High load active of metaldehyde
• Extremely rainfast and durable
• Highly palatable
• Small compact pellet for maximum spreadability
• Quality tested in Australia for Australian conditions

A recently published GRDC article from a Western Australian component of the national GRDC research project DAS001060, provides further detail on biology and management of snails and slugs in grain crops.  Click here to read more.