The Imtrader – Registrations Update


Imtrade Australia is constantly developing new proprietary and generic products to ensure that we are providing a comprehensive and relevant range of crop protection products to Australian primary producers.


IMTRADE EDGE 900 WG (Propyzamide)

Imtrade Australia is pleased to announce the APVMA has granted a label extension registration to IMTRADE EDGE 900 for use on canola crops targeting annual ryegrass.  Many years of field work has been conducted to ensure that EDGE 900 is both efficacious in controlling annual ryegrass and safe to the host crop, canola.


Crop Weeds Controlled State Rate Critical Comments
Canola Annual Ryegrass NSW, ACT, SA, WA, Tas only 0.55kg/ha Incorporated by sowing (IBS) with knife or blade points. For best results apply just before sowing to moist soil.Use press wheels to avoid dragging treated soil back into the furrow. Maintain a slow to moderate speed, so that soil is not thrown into adjacent furrows.



Imtrade Australia is pleased to announce the registration of a new 1st generation generic product IMTRADE TYRANEX. TYRANEX is a robust and reliable chemistry for controlling hard-to-kill soil-borne and fruit fly insect larvae in a variety of cropping situations. The major use for TYRANEX is for controlling fruit-spotting bug in macadamia and avocado tree-crops, with a growing usage pattern targeting fruit-fly. With the development of TYRANEX, Imtrade Australia continues its commitment to offering Australian primary producers quality generic products at affordable prices.

View the technical bulletin here.



Imtrade JETTI DUO combines both D & J herbicidal groups into one easy-to-use IBS pre-emergent herbicide for the effective control of annual grass weeds in cereal cropping situations.

Now registered to control Ryegrass & Wild Oats in Wheat & Barley crops.

Read the JETTI DUO Technical Bulletin here.



Imtrade Australia is pleased to announce the approved APVMA registration of IMTRADE CARFENTRAZONE–ETHYL 240 EC herbicide. The use of IMTRADE CARFENTRAZONE-ETHYL improves the control of marshmallow and certain other broadleaf weeds prior to establishment of broadacre crops and fallows. It can be used in tank mixtures with knockdown herbicides or independently for the control of marshmallow and annual nettles in grass pastures and rough grass/turf areas or for control of volunteer cotton seedlings including Roundup Ready® cotton and desiccation of cotton re-growth.


In The Pipeline

As part of Imtrade’s ongoing commitment to ‘Innovative Possibilities’, a number of novel and proprietary formulations have entered the regulatory field-trialling phase in 2015. Regulatory trialling has commenced on two proprietary grass pre-emergents targeting an initial cereal registration. The trial program and submission process are expected to take three years on both of these products. In addition, an exciting new proprietary broad spectrum canola pre-emergent has commenced field trialling, and is expected to progress to a registration in time for the 2018 cropping season.

Complimenting our already extensive range of products, a number of new generic registrations are under way and at varying stages of the regulatory process. Stay tuned for further information as these products near completion.