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Emergency Use Permit for the use of Pirimicarb issued.

The following Emergency Use Permit (EUP) for the use of Pirimicarb for the control of aphids in winter pulse crops (faba bean, chickpea, lentil and field pea) has been issued by the APVMA. The full permit can be found at:…

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Get the Drop with Imtrade Pro 700 Adjuvant

Imtrade Pro 700 Surfactant is a tried and true means of droplet size control and tank mix buffering. Visit Product Page Download Directions for USE It helps you get the best out of your other agricultural chemicals by preventing degradation…

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Liebe Field day

Liebe Group Presentation by Michael Macpherson

Imtrade’s National Technical Manager, Michael Macpherson recently gave a presentation on ‘Understanding Pre-Emergents, How They Work & Their Limitations” to a receptive audience at the Liebe Women’s Field Day in Dalwallinu. The Liebe Women’s Committee said that they received extremely…

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