The Imtrader

Imtrader Ed.15 – Jokes

A farmer says to his wife “today when I looked in the mirror all I saw was a fat, old, worn out man, it made me feel depressed. Darling wife, I need a compliment” To which his wife replies “If…

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Imtrader Ed.15 – SA & VIC R and D Update

Summer is over and the horticulture season is in full swing. A number of trials in cabbages are now completed and more are planned in the near future. Several grapevine trials are already completed, others are underway and more planned…

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Imtrader Ed.14 – R&D Update SA & VIC

The Horticulture season has started with several trials on a range of targets and crops such us onions, grapevine, cabbages, turf, avocados and almonds. Finalizing our broadacre program has been a rewarding activity with great results over our test sites…

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Imtrader Ed.14 – Macadamia Trials Investment

Newly appointed Imtrade Australia agronomist for Queensland and New South Wales (Chris Poletto) has wasted no time in getting involved with trials in Macadamia Nut crops. Imtrade Australia is a growing presence in the Macadamia Nut crop protection market with…

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Imtrader Ed.14 – Do Good Things Come in Small Packages

As we put the winter cropping season behind us, it is again time to give some thought to those pests that are happily building a population in stubbles and header trash rows all throughout the southern states. The past four…

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