The Imtrader

Imtrader Ed.14 – 2018 AMS Conference

  In November the AMS (Australian Macadamia Society) held their biannual national industry conference at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast in Queensland. With over 500 delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers the event was the largest conference ever held by…

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Imtrader Ed.14 – GRDC Innovation Funding Announced

On September 11 2018, the GRDC announced it had awarded Imtrade Australia with funding to develop a chemical treatment to protect crops from frost damage. The funding will allow Imtrade to expand our field trial work on a product we’ve…

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Imtrader Ed.14 – Jokes

As a farmer, I hear lots of jokes about sheep. I’d tell them to my dog but he’d herd them all. Did you hear about the wooden tractor? It has wooden wheels, wooden engine, wooden transmission and wooden work. Perfect…

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Imtrader Ed. 13 – Trial Site Field Walks

A series of field walks were organized in each of our trial sites. During these events, the performance of Diablo duo and Bolta duo was shown to growers, agronomists, resellers and Imtrade personnel. NRI EP Cummings: NRI agronomists from the…

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Control ryegrass in canola

Imtrader Ed. 13 – Edge. Same, Same but Different

To date, there is still no repeated incidences of Propyzamide resistance in Annual Ryegrass in the field. WHY? It comes down to the way we have and hopefully continue to use the molecule but also due to its mode of…

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