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farmer vb beer cartoon

Imtrader Ed.16 – Jokes

What do you get when you cross a cow and an octopus? A call from the ethics committee and immediate revocation of your grant funding.   Wanna know the last thing my grandpa said before he kicked the bucket? “Wonder…

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metakill pellet comparison bran

Imtrade Ed.16 – Choosing the Perfect Bait

Whilst baiting is only one technique for successful snail and slug management, it becomes the primary tool for reducing populations and protecting crops before sowing and at the early stages of emergence. Snails and slugs have become an increasing problem…

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avocado imtrade

Imtrader Ed.16 – Avo Market Booming

Avocados have become a mainstay in the Australian fruit and vegetable space. With good fats, folate, photochemicals, fibre, vitamins and minerals, avocados are being pushed from all angles as an important part of our diet and well being. Globally the…

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