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Dawn of a new pre-emergent generation Jetti Duo

The Imtrader Ed.10 – Jetti Duo Label Extension

Following the successful completion of co-funded research trials between Imtrade Australia and the GRDC (resulting from the Assisted Grants Access to Industry Priority Uses of Agvet Chemicals programme), we’re pleased to announce approval from the APVMA for a label extension…

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Blight Pathogens Cyproconazole

Cyproconazole 800

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Mintweed in WA

The Imtrader Ed.10 – Herbicide Efficacy on Pasture

In Corrigin, WA, a field trial was conducted between March and June 2017 to investigate the efficacy of post emergent herbicides on target weeds in a self-sown Serradella pasture. The pest species present at the trial site were Mintweed (Salvia…

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Macadamia nut close

The Imtrader Ed.10 – Storm Damage in QLD

In November 2017 following the reported devastating storm around Bundaberg Queensland, I visited key growing regions to investigate the crop damage.  Imtrade had been working closely with the macadamia and avocado industry in the area in providing alternative product registrations…

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Fleabane in NSW

The Imtrader Ed.10 – Fleabane – Know your enemy

In order to have successful control against any pest the key is to know the target. Fleabane comes in many forms but the most common plaguing the Australian grain growing regions is Flaxleaf fleabane (Conyza bonariensis).  Flaxleaf fleabane has traditionally…

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