Para-Trooper® Herbicide

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For the control of a wide range of grasses and broadleafed weeds as per Directions for Use table.

Knockdown Reinvented

Paraquat intercepts free electrons in Photosystem 1 (PS1), inhibiting photosynthesis, however this is not the primary causation of plant desiccation. Once electron interception has occurred, the paraquat ion is reduced into free radicals/superhydroxols (ROS) which cause rapid desiccation (visible damage) of weeds. Under normal conditions, this process is so rapid that translocation cannot occur, keeping damage localised and preventing complete plant death.

This problem is usually avoided by applying paraquat at night when the photosynthetic pathway is not active, allowing increased translocation. Para-Trooper® combines a rapidly absorbed Photosystem 2 (PS2) inhibitor to mimic this effect. The PS2 inhibitor prevents free electron flow out of PS2, into PS1, removing the reduction potential to the paraquat ion; thus allowing for increased translocation. The combination of PS1 & PS2 inhibitors has been thoroughly field investigated to provide the optimal ratio for the provision of maximum efficacy and this research has been delivered as Imtrade Para-Trooper®.

Imtrade Para-Trooper® is a unique, patented formulation providing a more flexible and robust option for knockdown applications. 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured, Para-Trooper® has been designed to suit Australian broadacre management systems. Extensive work has been conducted since initial registration to demonstrate and quantify the efficacy improvements Para-Trooper® provides.


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