Transcend® Molluscicide & Insecticide

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Transcend® Molluscicide & Insecticide

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For the control of Snails, Slugs, Earwigs, Millipedes and Slaters in Asparagus, Bananas, Brassicas, Ginger, Ornamentals, Potato, Sweet Potato, Rape Seeds (including Canola, Mustards, Linseed, Poppy, Sesame), Swedes, Turnips, Grapevines (Wine) and Agricultural non-crop areas as per the Directions for Use table.

Earwigs, Slaters and Millipedes

Highly mobile compared to Snails/Slugs, Earwigs, Slaters and Millipedes are able to encounter baits much more rapidly, and as there is no ill effect, they tend to consume other baits in their entirety before Snail/Slug encounter can occur. With snail/slug control reliant on the number of baits per square meter, the feeding behaviour of Earwigs, Slaters and Millipedes significantly reduces the efficacy of traditional Snail baiting program. The occurrence of these invertebrate species often coincides with Snail and Slug activity in Australian broad-acre cropping. Transcend® is highly palatable to these species, delivering a lethal dose at very small consumption rates. While this is advantageous to preventing crop damage, it also provides control whilst maintaining sufficient bait stations per m2 required for effective snail and slug control.


“Transcend® has been a great tool to enable canola seedlings to get established.

Slug populations were more manageable and on the lower lying areas of paddocks,

slater and earwig damage was noticeably reduced.”

Amber Perry, Agronomist – Driscoll Ag

Our experience in using Transcend® in 2023 gave us great confidence in controlling slugs and ground insects,

particularly at high numbers.

Transcend® is easy to use and offers great insurance in protecting the canola crop early in establishment.”

Chris Jardine, Agronomist, Nutrien Maryborough

1KG – 1000KG


Asparagus, Brassicas, Swede and Turnips: DO NOT harvest for 7 days after application. Bananas, Ginger, Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes, Rape Seeds (including Canola) and Wine Grapevines: Not required when used as directed.


Rape Seeds (including Canola): DO NOT graze or cut for stock food for 8 weeks after application Other Crops: DO NOT graze treated area or use treated produce for stock food.
23rd August 2019

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