The Imtrader Ed.10 – Edge 900 in High Demand

With dry conditions across Canada, the global Oil seed market remains strong as we enter into 2018 growing season for winter crops.  Forecasters have predicted that Canadian production could dip to a three year low of only 18 million tonnes.  This fall in production deviating from earlier forecasts of 20.5 million tonnes has seen Australian grown oilseeds placed in high demand.

Recent heavy rain falls across North Western Victoria have started to build a solid moisture profile, which is cr

Control ryegrass in canola

itical to the success of the Southern Australian crop. This coupled with a softening demand for lentils is expected to result in increased Canola plantings across both Victoria and South Australia.  Imtrade Edge 900 WG continues to be a stand out in the control of Ryegrass in establishing canola. In a managed use pattern Edge 900 WG offers growers the option to control Ryegrass earlier in the crop lessening competition for critical moisture, also easing the burden and expense placed on in-crop selective herbicides. 2018 will also see a slight lowering of Edge 900 application due to reduced retail pricing. For farmers this is good news, increasing the cost-effective value and return on investment from Edge 900 in a market that is seeing many other chemical’s application rates rise sharply.

With consideration given to the above demand expectations, it is encouraged that resellers and growers alike express their requirements as early as possible to ensure continuity of supply.   This is best done by contacting Imtrade and ensuring forecast requirements are secured. Imtrade Edge 900 WG is a quality assured and wholly Australian owned product.  The product is a fine example of Imtrade commitment to delivering innovative and quality chemical options that lead the market in both performance and value.