Imtrader Ed.12 – Acepahte 970 SG


Imtrade Australia has recently been granted registration from the APVMA for Acephate 970 SG Insecticide. 

This widely used insecticide controls a number of insect pests in a variety of crop situations including bananas, crucifiers, macadamias, ornamentals, potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco.

Imtrade Acephate 970 SG Insecticide will be available in 2 convenient packs sizes being 1kg and 5kg resealable packs.

The registration of Acephate 970 SG adds to Imtrade Australia’s ever growing range of crop protection products for the macadamia nut industry which already includes:

• Imtrade Tyranex 500 Insecticide (500g/L trichlorfon)
• Imtrade Carbendazim 500 (500g/L carbendazim)
• Imtrade Defend 400 (400g/L difenoconazole)
• Imtrade Iprodione 500 (500g/L iprodione)
• Imtrade Cease Herbicide (200g/L glufosinate-ammonium)

Imtrade Australia see the macadamia nut and avocado industries as very important and rapidly growing markets in Australia and have a number of crop protection products in the pipeline to be released over the coming years.

Please see attached booklet for a closer look at the product registrations that Imtrade Australia have for these 2 very important tree crop markets.

Important Reminder: the APVMA currently has a permit out for Sigastus Weevil in Macadamia crop in NSW & QLD valid until January 2021. The permit can be found here.