Imtrader Ed.12 – Dual Baiting System

Earwigs, slaters and Portuguese millipedes are increasingly becoming a problem in canola crops throughout most cropping areas.

A conscious change to minimum/no till stubble retention cropping systems presents perfect conditions for invertebrate pests. This change in practice has also done away with 2/3 of the SARDI recommended slug/snail control practice “BASH’EM,BURN’EM BAIT’EM” creating the perfect haven for canola loving pests.

However, all is not lost, continuously working towards solutions for Australian farmers we have identified this as a major problem and have successfully formulated a ”Dual Baiting System” making it easier/safer and more cost effective than ever to control Earwigs, slaters, Portuguese millipedes, slugs and snails in a single application pellet.

Imtrade Transcend® (pending registration) dual baiting system is a world first breakthrough providing high loading, rainfast insecticide and mollusciside pellet. In terms of invertebrate control, Imtrade Transcend® has proved efficacy against;

  • European Earwig (Forficulina auricularia)
  • Portuguese Millipede (Ommatoiulus moreletii)
  • Pill Bug (Armadillidium vulgare)
  • Common Slater (Porcellio scaber)
  • Flood Bug (Australiodillo bifrons

Along with mollusc species;

  • Conical or Pointed Snail (Cochlicella acuta)
  • Small Pointed (conical) Snail (Prietocella barbara)
  • White Italian Snail (Theba pisana)
  • Vineyard or Common White Snail (Cernuella virgata)
  • Black Keeled Slug (Milax gagates)
  • Reticulated Slug (Deroceras reticulatum)

Along with it’s unique insecticidal properties, Imtrade Transcend® is also market leading in terms of rain fastness as well as accuracy of baiting in terms of number of baits/m2.

Imtrade Transcend® is pending registration with the APVMA and is expected to be approved within the next couple of months.

For more information and a copy of our comprehensive technical bulletin, please contact your local sales representative via details on our website