Imtrader Ed.12 – Europe Free Trade

The green light has recently given for Australia and Europe to discuss a free trade agreement but what does it mean for Aussie Farmers?

Whilst there are many advantages for Australian Agriculture across a wide range of products and services , Beef ,Lamb, Sugar, Rice and Cheese have been highlighted. Either way its sure to be a win win situation for Australian Farmers and Commodities.
Giving Australian growers the opportunity to increase their market exports outside the Asian sphere of influence and help champion Imtrade’s high quality, Innovative, Crop protection products to another discerning market.

The Guardian UK:

The prime minister said free trade was “key to my government’s plan” for economic growth and the EU deal would “create more jobs in Australia and it will create more jobs in Europe”.
“It is not a zero-sum game.”
Asked about European resistance to reducing agricultural barriers, including the French president Emanuel Macron’s assurances that French farmers would not be affected, Turnbull said Australia imported more agricultural products from Europe than it exported.
That fact “tells you a lot about how relatively little access Australian farmers have to Europe”, he said. “There is a huge amount of scope for more access to the European market.”
A good-quality trade deal with Europe will include enhanced agricultural access for Australian exporters.”
Ciobo said Australia exported $3.6bn of agricultural products to the EU and impored $4.9bn and that “had to change”. But he said agriculture was only “one aspect” of a trade deal.
The European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has vowed to complete the EU’s talks with Australia and New Zealand by 31 October 2019, when his time in office expires.

The UK will not be able to start its negotiations over future trade with New Zealand and Australia until 30 March 2019.

Trade Ministers media release June 2018:

An FTA with the EU : What can be gained: