Imtrader Ed. 13 – Edge. Same, Same but Different

To date, there is still no repeated incidences of Propyzamide resistance in Annual Ryegrass in the field.

It comes down to the way we have and hopefully continue to use the molecule but also due to its mode of action. Edge 900 Key Benefits

1. When used as per label a single IBS application per crop and in rotation means less opportunity for resistance
2. Propyzamide works a little differently to other pre-em chemistries it is root uptake with the mode of action being to interfere with cell division in the root systems of target weeds Propyzamide inhibits polymerization of tubulin into microtubules via a different mechanism even though propyzamide has the same site of action as trifluralin.

Basically, Propyzamide has the same target site as Trifluralin but binds differently.  Over the many years, we have been using trifluralin multiple target site mutations have occurred, essentially from overuse. However with Propyzamide, although utilising same target site due to the way it binds, its mechanism is complex and likely to be multi-site with more than one binding site in the weed this allows excellent control even against most multi resistant ryegrass populations.

What does all this mean?
Use Edge according to the label in a rotation system to protect propyzamide as a molecule going forward but also to prolong the life of important molecule like Trifluralin.

The benefits of using Edge 900;
• Provides alternative mode of action
• Excellent ryegrass control, including multi-resistant populations
• High Load Granular formulation
• Quality Assured
• Australian Owned

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