Imtrader Ed. 13 – Jokes

Did you hear Nat Fyfe lost his Brownlow? Someone is going to have to Nic Nat-a-nui

A Dinner Party to Remember
So this farmer & his wife were having everyone in the district over for a feed – real fancy turn. The whole family was busy preparing when Mary the farmers daughter brought in a box of mushrooms that were picked about a week ago. They were a bit suss so mum suggested giving some to their dog bitsa and if he was alright they would be ok to use. All was going well – bitsa seemed fine when the first guests arrived so in went the mushies. One of the guests told the farmer he noticed a cow stuck in the dam as he came thru the gate. Dad sent Bill down to pull the cow out with the Ute. When Bill got back he was very upset and explained that Bitsa was dead. Mum went into a panic – everyone had eaten the mushies so she called the doctor. He explained how serious it was and said he would be right out. He gave everyone some medication and performed enemas on all the guests. They were all sitting down in a daze when Bill said he was pretty pissed off and when they asked why he said the bloke who ran over Bitsa never even slowed down !!

Two cows in a field. One says to the other,
“What do you think about this mad cow disease?”
The other replies,
“Crikey, a talking cow!”

What do you call someone who used to be really keen on tractors?
An extractor fan!