Imtrader Ed.14 – Macadamia Trials Investment

Macadamia Seed Weevil kernel damage during assessments
Glasshouse region fungicide trial site

Newly appointed Imtrade Australia agronomist for Queensland and New South Wales (Chris Poletto) has wasted no time in getting involved with trials in Macadamia Nut crops. Imtrade Australia is a growing presence in the Macadamia Nut crop protection market with 8 registered products available to this important industry as well as 2 APVMA permitted options.

Products such as Tyranex 500, Cyborg 25 EC, Acephate 970, Carbendazim 500 and others are already widely used, however, trials are underway to further improve these products performance in the field through trial sites established at Dunoon in NSW and at Glasshouse on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Trials will be completed by early 2019 with results used to compare the efficacy of different insecticide and fungicide formulations on insect pests including Fruit Spotting Bug, Macadamia Seed Weevil and the fungal disease Husk Spot.

Macadamia Seed Weevil husk damage during assessments

As our commitment to the Macadamia Nut industry grows, Imtrade will continue to invest resources into trialling and developing quality economical crop protection products giving more options for growers to use in their pesticide toolbox.

Chris would like to thank Mark at Duncan Macadamia Monitoring and Coochin Creek Fruitgrowers Coop for assisting in finding trial site locations.

Growing Regions

There is currently approximately 22000 hectares of macadamia under production, mainly in Queensland and New South Wales. The industry is still growing due to strong export and local market growth.

Table 1. Macadamia producing states and market share.

Main States Hectares % Production Share
QLD 11,100 48
NSW 10,900 52
Total 22,000 100

Key Industry Figures
Key average figures for the macadamia industry are in the below table. Of the crop protection spend per hectare, insecticides take up the majority of this spend. Insect pests are a major threat to the grower’s productivity due to a relatively narrow range of control options available to them.

Table 2. Key latest macadamia statistics.

Production 2017 Tonnes (Nut in shell) 46,000
5 yr. average yield kg/ha (Nut in shell) 2,800
5 yr. average farm gate price $/kg (Nut in shell) 4.08
Gross Income per hectare $/ha 11,424
Approx Average Crop Protection Chemical Spend $/ha 450
Average cost of production per hectare $ (2016) 6,777