Imtrader Ed.16 – Avo Market Booming

Avocados have become a mainstay in the Australian fruit and vegetable space. With good fats, folate, photochemicals, fibre, vitamins and minerals, avocados are being pushed from all angles as an important part of our diet and well being. Globally the avocado market is booming with global markets expected to be in excess $9360.0 million by 2023. The Australian avocado market growth is shown below, with the 2019 season forecasted for an increase mainly in Hass production by approx 8000t, increasing the total forecast to a 95,000t crop breaking all previous records. Growers are expected to produce a record harvest of the Hass variety this year. The Australian market growth is shown in the below figure.

Aus Avo Production Table

The forecast increase is on the back of industry growth, with significant investment in terms of new plantings occurring across all mainland states over the last 6 years.  These trees have now come into fruit production. “It takes about three or four years for an avocado tree to start bearing commercial crops and a lot of avocado trees have gone into the ground in the last five years, particularly in Queensland and Western Australia, to keep up with the insatiable demand for avocados we have in Australia.”– Avocados Australia chief executive officer, John Tyas.

Queensland is the main growing area for avocados in Australia with 62% of the 2017/18 crop. However, with significant plantings in recent years throughout New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the projections for the industry are ever increasing.

The most common insect pests and diseases associated with avocados include;

  • Spotting bugs (fruit-spotting bug; banana-spotting bug)
  • Queensland fruit fly
  • Leaf-eating beetles (Monolepta or red- shouldered leaf beetle; Rhyparida or swarming leaf beetle)
  • Leafrollers (ivy leafroller; avocado leafroller)
  • Latania scale
  • Fruitborer Ectropis looper
  • Tea red spider mite
  • Garden weevil Mosquito
  • Anthracnose
  • Stem End Rot
  • Side Rot
  • Phomopsis
  • Phytopthora (Root rot and stem canker)

Imtrade Australia has a wide range of registrations that provide solutions in the avocado industry-
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Imtrade ‘Cyborg’, although currently not registered for use in avocados, paves the way for the next generation with ‘Cyborg’ currently appearing widely in field trials targeting fruit spotting bug and APVMA Avocado registration expected in 2020.