Imtrader Ed.16 – Farm Trial Presentations

Three people standing, In Field, On Trial Site
Sebastian of Imtrade with Heath and Sam of AW Vaters at the Saddleworth Cereal site.

With spring now only a bit over a month away, preparation is well underway for what will be a very busy season of Imtrade hosted Farm walks.  Imtrade this year will open 9 individual trial sites for public inspection across 5 key South Australian and Victorian winter cropping regions.  These sites will offer growers a first-hand look at a range of comparative and development trials in Wheat, Canola, Beans and Lentils.  It is always difficult to ensure when setting out such an extensive trial plan, that all sites receive favourable climate conditions and sufficient weed or pest pressure, making for interesting viewing.  This year’s preliminary inspections certainly seem to be checking all those boxes.

Although for many districts the break came quite late, most areas where trials are located have received very good rain and with limited knockdown applications weed numbers are high and pressure on chemical control is really being tested.  (Not ideal for growing crop but very good for testing the limitations of applications).

Trials days this year will be held throughout the month of September and are located in the following regions:

  • Kadina
  • Saddleworth
  • Murray Bridge
  • St Arnaud
  • Swan Hill

Dates for all trial walk days are expected to be released in the next few weeks.  These walks offer a great opportunity to get a look at not only what’s new but also to hear from industry specialist regarding a range factors that may be affecting the price or supply of agricultural inputs in the coming year.

More information regarding dates and time can be found by contacting Imtrade Australia on 1800 171788