Imtrader Ed.16 – Pre-emergent R&D Update

R&D Pre-emergent Herbicides on Cereals

 Diablo Duo Control Field
Untreated (left), Diablo Duo (right)

A series of trials have been established in various regions over South Australia and Victoria. The objective of these trials is to compare Jetti Duo, Bolta Duo and Diablo Duo against some of the most popular industry standards.

Recent unpublished assessments show the great performance and cost advantage of the Imtrade pre-emergent herbicide range, findings that coincide with last year’s research program results.


Imtrade Pre-em table 2 Imtrade Pre-em Table 1

R&D Pre-emergent Herbicides on Pulses

John and farmer in field
SA team touring Imtrade trial sites

The SA team is proud to launch a new addition to our Pulse Pre-emergent range: Effigy 900 WG -our new formulation constituted by 600g/kg TERBUTHYLAZINE + 300g/kg PROPYZAMIDE.

To demonstrate the efficacy of Effigy 900 WG we have established a number of fully replicated trial sites across SA and VIC. These trials not only incorporate different rates and different application strategies of Effigy 900 WG but also some promising new products recently developed by our R&D Agronomy team.

We invite all farmers and agronomists to join us on our field walks to observe our trial sites and share a snag. To learn more about the dates of the field walks and locations of our sites please contact Seb (0437 630 544) or John Barbetti (0407 922 102).

R&D Pre-emergent Herbicides on Onions

Iconix field trial
Untreated control plot (left)next to ICONIX 500EC at 1400ml/ha.

Following Bayer’s decision to cease international supply of the “widely-used” herbicide Totril back in 2017, Imtrade Australia has been busy establishing regulatory trials in the major onion growing areas of Australia.

Our new formulation ICONIX 500 EC (pending registration) not only provided equivalent or better control of Turnip Weed when compared with Totril (at equivalent rates of active ingredient) but also has double the strength of Totril.

ICONIX is highly soluble in the tank mix and does not show any problem with nozzle blockages during applications such as can be observed with products of inferior quality.

The R&D agronomy team is planning to establish a series of field walks to our demonstration trial sites in the key onion growing regions across the southern regions. Stay tuned.

PGR’s in Avocados
Imtrade continues to invest in the avocado industry. This time we are extending the label of Imtrade Boost 250 SC to the control of growth of avocados.

Following the recent issue of minor use permits (PER85877), Imtrade has designed a trial looking to increase the understanding of the use of soil drench in avocado orchards in the Riverland region.

Imtrade’s research has sparked the interest of the DPI which has chosen one of its trial sites as a focus site for their field walk. Sebastian will be presenting Imtrade’s findings on that date, the event is open to others in the industry to join should they wish. Click here for more details on the field walk.