Imtrader Ed. 11 – Investment into R&D assets

Imtrade Australia has recently received delivery of its first custom-built spray-booth to be used for conducting pot trials on-site at the Kwinana Beach manufacturing facility in Western Australia. This significant investment complements the now up-and-running greenhouse that was installed last year at the same location. The internalisation of the pot-trialing process allows the Imtrade technical team to conduct small-scale pot trials in a timelier manner and is aimed at expediting the product development and registration processes.

The spray-booth has been completely built from the ground up, modifying the designs of existing spray-booths in order to provide greater accuracy and efficiency. The booth is full adjustable to better simulate a wide range of field application types. The boom speed can be adjusted from 0 – 2 m/s, the nozzle mounts allow for the use of standard agricultural nozzle types and the pressure from the on-board compressor can be regulated to suit. For ultra-high water rate application types, a double run feature has been programmed into the control center.

Spray Booth

With installation completed in late February, an extensive program of trials is now underway, with a number of formulation verification, concept chemistry evaluations and efficacy trials in various stages of completion. The addition of the plastic container mount modification for treatment delivery sees application times of less than an hour per trial being achieved. The booth has been so efficient, the greenhouse is now rapidly running out of available space!

For industry partners that may be interested in seeing the booth in action and/or in acquiring their own booth, please contact the office to arrange an appointment.