The Imtrade Ed.5 – Muresk UQ Diploma of Agriculture Student Julia Levtchenko’s Work Placement at Imtrade Australia

Imtrade Australia recently provided student Julia Levtchenko, who is studying the U.Q. Diploma of Agriculture at Muresk, with the opportunity to participate in a work experience placement program at our GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratory based in Kwinana, W.A.

The four day placement allowed Julia to gain valuable hands-on experience in the agriculture industry under the guidance of Imtrade’s technical agronomy team.

Julia’s program commenced with a site induction and to learn about the OHS procedures upheld by the company on a daily basis.

She also had the opportunity to familarise herself with Imtrade’s product range and the role a technical agronomist plays within Imtrade, which is one of the largest agricultural product registrant holders in Australia.

Ricky and Julia performing assays on the GC-Maspec to determine the purity of an active ingredient.

Julia’s work placement included field work at Corrigin where she had the opportunity to see and contribute to one of Imtrade’s post emergent herbicide trials. The trials provided valuable insight into the solutions Imtrade have in development for Australian farmers and growers to help maximise the health of crops and its yield.

Julia also learnt about the process of designing, conducting and assessing a trial before performing assessments herself.

Back at the GLP laboratory, Julia had further opportunities to learn about the role crop protection products play on farm and see how these products are developed. By preparing solutions, she gained an understanding of the individual components of a product and how their ideal quantities are determined. She also had the chance to conduct some of the quality control tests that the lab performs on a daily basis.

Throughout her placement, Julia also had the opportunity to talk with staff members in Imtrade’s management, sales and production teams and was privy to an extensive range of resources. She believes that this not only helped her make the most of her experience at Imtrade but will enhance her learning in the future. Julia was also very impressed with how well planned her program was and the attention to detail ensured that that she understood what she was trying to achieve in each individual task and how they contributed to the bigger picture.

Imtrade continue to host work placement students and look forward to supporting our emerging students.

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