The Imtrader Ed.2 – Durum Trials


The South Australian Durum Growers Association has recently held some trial days in the mid-north of South Australia and John Barbetti (SA & Vic State Manager) and Dr. Ross Rainbird (Managing Director) were proud to attend on behalf of Imtrade Australia. Imtrade has now been a sponsor of the SADGA for a number of years and has worked closely with its members in the development of some safe pre-emergent grass control options.

With Durum wheat being a more sensitive plant than the more common bread wheats, growers have been quite limited in their options when it comes to early grass weed control. Over the past three years a range of trials have been conducted with Imtrade’s new formulation; Jetti Duo. Jetti Duo has performed very well in this situation giving excellent Ryegrass and Wild Oat control while offering growers a high level of crop safety in a single pass operation. Durum Growers Chairman, Alwyn Dyer noted “Jetti Duo has performed extremely well on my Kaniva property and I keenly anticipate the products release”.

John Barbetti noted that it was great to see the sponsorship money raised by the SADGA going to such well managed projects. “The breeder development work conducted by Dr. Jason Able is outstanding. As innovators in the ag-chemical market, we at Imtrade appreciate the level of commitment shown by the small grower group. To develop and make commercially available new variety lines is no simple undertaking. The SADGA’s achievements including the release of improved crop lines such as DBA Aurora will secure the Durum industry’s future success in South-east Australia.”

Imtrade Australia will to continue to work closely with the SADGA and wishes its members every success in growing their value added and world class product for both the domestic and international market.

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