The Imtrader Ed.3 – Better Droplet Control with Pro 700

What is Imtrade Pro 700 Surfactant?

Imtrade Pro 700 is a multipurpose adjuvant composed of natural surfactants and penetrants derived from soya bean oils.

These are combined with Propionic acid to produce a penetrant, surfactant and acidifier for use with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and plant growth regulators.

The unique properties of Imtrade Pro 700 Surfactant will enhance the uptake of many systemic herbicides, allowing them to effectively penetrate into leaves, without causing damage to non-target crop plants.

Acidification of the Spray Solution

Many crop protection products have the greatest chemical stability in the range of pH 5-6. At rates of 0.1% of total spray volume, Imtrade Pro 700 acts as an acidifier which will reduce pH to a desired level, decreasing the likelihood of alkaline hydrolysis or degradation of susceptible products.

Many plants have an alkaline leaf surface and this reduces the efficacy of some weak acid herbicides. By creating a more acidic spray solution, it may provide a more favourable environment for the herbicide on the leaf surface of the plant.

Improved Penetration of the Leaf Surface

Imtrade Pro 700 used at rates of 0.25–0.5% of spray volume affects the waxes on the leaf surface, allowing greater uptake of herbicides, fertilisers, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators.

The surfactant package in Imtrade Pro 700 allows for reduction in the surface tension of the spray droplet to also provide greater droplet spread and coverage over the leaf surface.

Droplet Size and Drift Management

Imtrade Pro 700 mixed at 0.3–0.5% of spray volume will reduce the number of fine droplets (<150 micron) produced by flat fan nozzles without increasing the number of large spray droplets (>400 micron). This will reduce but not eliminate, the fine droplets associated with off-target movement of the product being used.

Test spraying across water sensitive paper showed droplet deposition to the target using 0.5% Imtrade Pro 700 was substantially better than either water alone or with the addition of a petroleum oil plus surfactant product. Spraying was undertaken using AI 001 nozzles, 60L/ha water and travelling at 7.5 km/hr in 7km/hr winds.

L-R: Water, Petroleum Spray, Imtrade Pro 700

Water alone created a reasonable droplet distribution (65 drops/cm2) as shown in left image. The addition of a petroleum spray oil plus surfactant product reduced the droplet number (43 drops/cm2) and created generally larger droplets (centre image). The addition of Imtrade Pro 700 achieved the desired outcome of getting more droplets to the target (72 drops/cm2) and better spray coverage (right image). The water sensitive paper shows a high number of small droplets hitting the target when Imtrade Pro 700 is added. When spraying water alone, the smaller droplets in the spray spectrum failed to reach the target.

Imtrade Pro 700 Formulation

Imtrade Pro 700 has been subjected to considerable product development and testing at Imtrade Australia’s Laboratory. Some formulations of this type can suffer from problems such as cold stability and mixing incompatibility.

After considerable testing to CIPAC* standards, Imtrade Australia has developed a formulation which will stand up to the rigours of field conditions. (*CIPAC = Collaborative International Pesticides Council)

Imtrade Pro 700 (right) showed no separation.

Comparative Cold Test

After testing alongside a well established comparative product for 4 days at 2⁰C Imtrade Pro 700 (on right) showed no separation and minimal flocculation. The comparative product had significant separation and particle development. This particulate material formed sediment on the bottom of the sample and did not go back into suspension.


Imtrade Pro 700 Compatibility

Initial mixing of Imtrade Pro 700 with different formulations of Glyphosate, either stand alone or in combination with Oxyflurofen or 2,4D Ester 600, produced an homogenous solution.

Imtrade Pro 700 (right) showed excellent mixing capability with glyphosate.

When mixed with Glyphosate, Imtrade Pro 700 (right) showed excellent mixing capability. This contrasted with the comparative product used in the cold test. This formed globules of brown material in the spray solution when mixed at the same rates with Glyphosate. This differential response between Imtrade Pro 700 and the comparative product occurred with Glyphosate 450 and Glyphosate 540 formulations.


Imtrade PRO 700 Key Benefits

  1. Australian research and formulation development by Imtrade Australia to suit market conditions.
  2. Imtrade Pro 700 Surfactant can be used in a wide range of situations.
  3. The multiple benefits of acidification, penetration, droplet size and drift management cannot be achieved by other wetters or buffers stand alone.
  4. Imtrade Pro 700 provides a simple, economical solution that can be used with a diverse range of agricultural products to improve their performance.
  5. Imtrade Pro 700 is a high quality formulation which can tolerate extreme conditions.
  6. Excellent compatibility with a range of products.
  7. Widely used in the Australian marketplace for over 10 years.
  8. Ongoing field research and product support.