The Imtrader Ed.6 – New Greenhouse at Imtrade Australia

Investing Further in Australian Agricultural Chemistry R&D Capability

Imtrade Australia has further added to our R&D capabilities with the construction of a dedicated research greenhouse at our Kwinana Beach facility.

The new structure covers over 90m2 and was tailor-made by local greenhouse specialists Argosee. The greenhouse provides Imtrade with an increased capacity for the customising of pest control solutions for Australian primary producers across broadly variable settings.

Electrical and water supply has been established and with reticulation fit-out just around the corner, the greenhouse will be operational in early 2017.

The greenhouse builds our capability across the product development lifecycle.

  • For conceptual products, it permits more rapid screening of experimental formulations for efficacy on target flora and in establishing host crop safety.
  • For settled formulations, it provides for in-house generation of data to supplement field trials for product registration purposes and for benchmarking against other market staples.
  • For established products, formulations may be honed to initiate updated registrations reflecting optimised product quality, and/or broadening registered application patterns through label extensions.


Even more pertinently, it allows us to further our organisational learning.

Across the years we have evolved from a retailer, to a trader, a wholesaler, a registrant and manufacturer with an ever growing R&D program producing new and innovative product solutions.

We currently operate a vertically integrated enterprise incorporating all major facets necessary to bring to market quality pest control options, from idea conception, to realisation through to streamlining and tailoring supply logistics. Nevertheless there is always room for improvement and growth. The greenhouse provides another platform on which this can occur, by establishing an even closer fit between consumer needs and what Imtrade Australia’s products deliver.

Imtrade Australia boasts the technical capabilities of most multi-national corporations, as evidenced by our GLP laboratory, well resourced pool of experienced technical professionals and an impressive, expanding intellectual property portfolio. Most importantly though, we retain the service orientation and agility of a smaller company and are firmly committed to servicing the needs of Australian primary producers. We are an independent company and have no conflicting interest in shoe-horning international products into the local market under the duress of parent companies or other dominant governing entities. Instead we look to service the sometimes niche needs of Australia primary producers, ideally more competently and completely with every passing year, and to this end our Kwinana Beach facility’s new greenhouse provides another means of doing this.