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Imtrader Ed.15 – Macadamia Wrap Up

The 2019 Australian macadamia crop is forecasted to reach between 49,900 – 53,500 tonnes as reported by Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), a very slight increase on the record 2018 crop. The 2019 season has not been without challenge, unseasonably dry…

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Imtrader Ed.15 – Making for the Perfect Bait

•As we start to move more rapidly into the autumn cropping program, dealing with snails and slugs returns to front of mind for many growers in the southern reaches of the country. The past few years has seen these pests…

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Imtrader Ed.15 – Post-emergent Legume Pasture Trials

An investigation into the efficacy and safety of post-emergent herbicides applied to a first season Serradella pasture. 1 EXPERIMENTAL DETAILS1 EXPERIMENTAL DETAILS 1.1 Site Details 1.2 Target Weeds are categorised into ‘Grass Weeds’ and ‘Broadleaf Weeds’. The predominant species at…

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Imtrade Ed.15 – Soybean Insecticide Trial QLD

Imtrade Australia field agronomist for Queensland and New South Wales (Chris Poletto) has been busy in Bundaberg during February working in soybeans. Soybeans are an important rotation crop with sugarcane in many cane growing districts in Queensland and New South…

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Imtrader Ed.15 – Jokes

A farmer says to his wife “today when I looked in the mirror all I saw was a fat, old, worn out man, it made me feel depressed. Darling wife, I need a compliment” To which his wife replies “If…

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