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The RMR® Concept

The Resistance Management Regime (RMR®) is a synergised range of insecticides and miticides, conceived in response to resistance issues. The highly successful launch of Cyborg® Plus has provided a platform for a range of formulations incorporating Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) synergist.

The Power of PBO

PBO is well-established in society with a history of use stretching back to the 1940’s. PBO works by effecting the ability of insects and mites to break down pesticides into less harmful components by inhibiting mixed function oxidase enzymes. PBO acts as a synergist, enhancing the effect of insecticides and miticides whilst having no direct impact on insects and mites when applied in isolation.

PBO was developed more than 70 years ago in the USA from sesame oil as a result of efforts to conserve pyrethrum stock. PBO has a wide spectrum of insecticidal and miticidal synergy, good stability (alone and as a component of formulations) and low impacts outside of target organisms (safe to humans, domestic animals and birds).

Why PBO?

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Benefits of RMR®

  • Resistance management tool
  • Stable formulation enhanced with synergist

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