Abachem 18 Miticide/Insecticide

Active ingredient:

For control of pest mites on pears, apples, tomatoes, strawberries, citrus, hops and ornamentals. For the control of pest mites and native budworm on cotton

  • Comparative Product
    Agrimec, Wizard, Gremlin
  • Packaging
    1L - 1000L
  • Witholding Period

    DO NOT harvest for 20 days after application.
    DO NOT graze or cut for stock feed for 20 days after application.

    DO NOT harvest for 14 days after application.
    DO NOT feed treated produce to livestock for 14 days after application.

    DO NOT harvest for 3 days after application.
    DO NOT feed treated produce to livestock for 3 days after application.

    DO NOT cut or graze for stock food.

    DO NOT harvest for 7 days after application.

    DO NOT harvest, graze or cut for stockfeed for 4 weeks after application.

  • Registered Product Name
    Imtrade Abachem 18 Miticide/Insecticide
  • Registration Date

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