Hurricane Ultimate 750 Herbicide

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Hurricane Ultimate 750 Herbicide

Active ingredient:


When used as directed, Imtrade Hurricane Ultimate provides robust control of deep-rooted annual and perennial broadleaf and woody weeds and hard-to-kill vines in fallow and pasture situations.

• Reliable and robust: Triclopyr is considered the ‘go-to’ option for melon weeds in fallow, providing consistent results for many years. It also provides good one-pass control of many annual and perennial broadleaf weeds.

• Translocating active: Triclopyr exhibits one of the highest rates of translocation from the Group I chemistries, especially to roots. This provides a complete kill in plants that are prone to reshooting post knockdown.

• Broad label usages: Hurricane Ultimate has the broadest range of registered uses of the high-loading triclopyr active in the market, including melons, blackberry and suckering natives.

• High Load: Hurricane Ultimate is the highest loading Triclopyr on the market across the stipulated label situations. The high-loading
active equates to a 66% reduction in hydrocarbons compared to the industry standard, providing a more cost effective solution.


Imtrade Hurricane Ultimate is a Group I herbicide that provides robust control of vine and woody type weeds in fallow and pasture situations. The active ingredient, triclopyr, acts as an auxinic mimicker similar to that of the endogenous auxins (IAA). Triclopyr is absorbed via plant foliage, requiring approximately 4 hours to guarantee rain-fastness in most target plants. Post absorption, Triclopyr is rapidly translocated within the plant via the symplastic pathway, including the phloem,
and congregates at the growing points. Once located in the active growing sites, triclopyr stimulates the plant into elasticising cell walls whilst simultaneously promoting rapid cell elongation. This leads to bending and twisting of petioles and curling of leaves resulting in growth inhibition, wilting and finally, necrosis of the plant tissue.

For the control of various woody and broadleaf weeds as specified in the Directions For Use table

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1L – 1000L
Not required when used as directed.
Imtrade Hurricane Ultimate 750 Herbicide

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