Jetti Duo® Herbicide

Active ingredient: ,

A custom blended herbicide of Trifluralin and Tri-Allate targeting difficult to control Annual Ryegrass and Wild Oats.

Mode of Action:

Imtrade Jetti Duo® is a unique pre-emergent herbicide blend that combines two complimentary modes of action. Imtrade Jetti Duo® can be absorbed via two alternative sites on germinating seedlings, namely the mesocotyl and coleoptile. The mesocotyl is only available as an absorption site for a limited period during germination, whereas the coleoptile is active until the seedling emerges.

Australian Development:

Imtrade Jetti Duo Herbicide is 100% Australian developed by a 100% Australian-owned entity in its own laboratory. Via this and other products in the pipeline, we seek to service the niche markets that multinationals often ignore, and in so doing keep profits on shore and finance further innovative solutions for Australian farmers and other pesticide users.


With incremental advantages environmentally, economically and socially, we believe that Imtrade Jetti Duo Herbicide provides an overall compelling package to the marketplace. Additionally, it serves to maintain for longer the efficacy of other options for weed control, most notably ryegrass control, in cereals as part of a program of cyclical use of herbicides of other modes of action.

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