Guerrilla® Herbicide

Active ingredient: ,

For the control of a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds as per Directions of Use table.

Imtrade Guerrilla® has proven itself as a superior herbicide with a secondary ingredient Amitrole providing better movement of the Paraquat ion within the plant before the characteristic cell damage is caused, leading to more complete control of target weeds with less re-strike.

  • Now registered for use with Optical Spot Spray Technologies (OSST)
  • Formulated to combat hard to kill weeds
  • Single pass Fleabane control
  • Class leading surfactant package

With the adoption of optical spot spray technology (OSST) on many farms across Australia, Imtrade have added a new registration to Guerrilla® to ensure growers get the best out of this technology. OSST utilises sensors mounted on spray equipment to detect weeds and directly spray them, rather than spraying an entire paddock. This can substantially reduce herbicide application in fallow or knockdown situations.

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